$EPIK token is now available worldwide!

EPIK Prime launched in 2021 with a direct listing on Huobi Global under the highly-selective Huobi Prime program. EPIK Prime is now available on leading centralized and decentralized exchanges worldwide including PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and Kucoin.

ETH: 0x4da0c48376c277cdbd7fc6fdc6936dee3e4adf75
BSC: 0x368ce786ea190f32439074e8d22e12ecb718b44c

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How Epik Prime works


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Benefits of EPIK Prime Membership

EPIK Prime is a loyalty reward membership program that grants access to better quality in-game and NFT items to it's members and all Prime members accrue more EPIK as rewards with select interactions.

Anyone can qualify to become an EPIK Prime member and customers can stake EPIK through our website to become an EPIK Prime member and enjoy the benefits of membership today.

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EPIK Prime+

EPIK Prime members can choose to upgrade their Prime membership to the elite status of an EPIK Prime+ membership. EPIK Prime+ gives members access to the most exclusive high quality items, premium services, and greater rewards.

EPIK Prime+ members are the backbone and most faithful of all the participants of the Epik ecosystem and the Epikverse, so as a reward for their ongoing support, EPIK Prime+ members get previews on upcoming items and can pre-order and reserve items before they hit the public.

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EPIK Prime Token Metrics

EPIK Prime token is a Membership token that is designed to give members benefits such as access to exclusive items, ability to bid on unique drops, chances to win NFT rewards, and receive benefits from Epik's ecosystem of partners. Members also earn more EPIK through various activities. Become a member -> Participate -> Receive more EPIK -> Level up membership and earn more benefits.

2,000,000,000 Total Supply

2.1% - Liquidity

15.5% - Founders

17.5% - Partners

24.9% - Private Sale

40% - Ecosystem

EPIK Prime Token Distribution

Seed Sale - 5% Release, 15% Quarterly Vesting
 Strategic Sale - 10% Release, 25% (2021-Q4), 25% (2022-Q1), 20% (2022-Q2), 10% (2022-Q3), 10% (2022-Q4)

 Private Sale - 10% Release, 25% (2021-Q4), 25% (2022-Q1), 20% (2022-Q2), 10% (2022-Q3), 10% (2022-Q4)

 Daomaker Sale - 20% Release, 25% (2021-Q4), 25% (2022-Q1), 20% (2022-Q2), 10% (2022-Q3)

 Reserve - 1 Year Cliff, 6.25% per quarter over 4-years

 Founders - 1 Year Cliff, 6.25% per quarter over 4-years

 Ecosystem - 8% Release, 2% per quarter over 12 years

 Liquidity - 50% Release, 20% (2021-Q4), 20% (2022-Q1), 10% (2022-Q2)

Stake $EPIK to earn rewards in ETH or BNB, and enjoy the benefits of an Epik Prime Membership.

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