EPIK Staking

You can stake EPIK on Ethereum or on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

You'll earn rewards in ETH while you have EPIK staked on Ethereum, and in BNB while you have EPIK staked on BSC.

Throughout the process of staking you will need to pay for transactions in ETH on Ethereum and BNB on BSC. Fees vary by network and transaction type, and are paid to the network, not to EPIK. See estimated prices here.

Please pick the network where you'd like to stake EPIK:

  • Rewards earned in ETH
  • Transaction Fees: -
  • Transaction fees paid in ETH
  • Staking ERC-20 EPIK
  • Rewards earned in BNB
  • Transaction Fees: <
  • Transaction fees paid in BNB
  • Staking BEP-20 EPIK
Network Selected For Staking

Your Membership Level:
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Stake tokens to get these membership benefits:

  • Exclusive access to Epik Prime or Epik Prime Plus items
  • Early access to certain items. Be first to buy or bid before non-members and members in lower levels.
  • Special pricing on select items
  • Qualify for giveaways of premium items
  • Early access to the Lockr App
* Your profile membership level stats might have small delay due to verification process.

EPIK Staking Pool Stats:


Total EPIK staked
Current APY **


Total EPIK staked
Current APY **

** Calculated from total EPIK staked in the pool, which can change at any time.