Kiera Chaplin: KIERA ❤️ NYC

The set of artworks created by Kiera Chaplin presents New York City seen from the perspective of Kiera The Hero. Kiera The Hero is the alter-ego of Kiera Chaplin - actress, model and activist, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, very strongly tied with New York City, the city which has been her home since she was a teenager. Kiera The Hero is a CryptoChaplin heroine, coming from the planet Chaplinton, to fight for the unity and the ultimate harmony in the Universe. She lands in NYC to fight yet another battle with evil. At the same time, she takes the opportunity to relax in the city and to do some photography of her favourite sights



Golden Hour over Central Park


Escaping the Thunderstorm


Sunny Flatiron

Empire State Building Conquered

Enjoying the Moonlight on Fifth Avenue