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Scaling is a special edition NFT creation by Nazarov that is paired with the physical work titled: The Faithful Feed the Flame – 96”H x 72”W, Acrylic on Canvas. The two works were created in tandem and are sold in tandem, as a representation of the continuity between physical and digital existence. In Scaling, Nazarov explores the parallels of the adoption of blockchain technology to the human experience of adapting to change. Each external and internal stimuli is a challenge, lesson, and gift in our development. For Nazarov, life is a work in progress. Each day, there is a degree of growth that occurs to meet the needs of survival. Nazarov questions if we can ever reach a stage of completion for a predetermined goal and that perhaps the journey is the goal, if the journey is the goal, then our experience of scaling is not a means to an end, but the inevitable result of life itself. For Nazarov, being ready means we are never finished growing, we are always scaling. If you have any questions about purchasing this item please email:

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Release Date:Nov 30, 2021
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