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"I was here before Frank got here, and when he showed up and started scooping up all of the booze I threw this baby down my pants. I'm halfway through it and I'm feeling goooood." Filled with more sexual innuendos than a 90's comedy, Patrick's a drinker on a mission to booze hard all night long. He's also Madison and Ashley's cousin, only invited to the party to appease their aunt. Friendly, trusting, easy-going, and generous, Patrick is a Pisces and a real brah to everyone he meets. From the lackluster hometown of Stiffton, Nevada, he sits back and chills to Reggae beats. One drunken stumble from getting obliterated by Frank, maybe you can be 'ol Pat's most brahsomest brah and help him find his footing.

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Release Date:Sep 22, 2021
Publisher:Eek! Games
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Game:House Party


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