9/11 Day x Epik - Into the Metaverse

For the very first time, a group of video games will be offering their own charity digital merchandise under one giant campaign for 9/11 Day. Additionally, we have curated a collection of NFT artwork created by famous artists with ties to New York and who are passionate to give back and inspire. Artists selected to participate and donate include Vladimir Nazarov, Cope2, Jason Naylor, Michael Rieger, Studio 502, AWTT, David Olenick and many others.

Collect these unique pieces while doing good. 100% of your purchase is a donation that supports the 9/11 National Day of Service & Remembrance (receipt provided).

9/11 Day, created in 2002 with the support of the 9/11 community, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

“Our mission is to permanently take the day back from the terrorists, turning the 20th anniversary of 9/11 into a worldwide day of unity, peace and doing good.”

David Olenick: Good, Bad, & Bad-But-Still-Good Meals In New York City

This group of images was inspired by 25 years of good, bad, & bad-but-still-good meals in New York City. Specifically, late-night gyros at Cinderella Falafel in the East Village, 50 cent hot dogs at the Grey’s Papaya on 8th Street, tacos & tantrums at Arriba Arriba in Hell’s Kitchen, pepperoni slices at any Ray’s Pizza (whether “Famous Original” or anonymous knock-off), hot noodle soup at the closest place I could find during a typically brutal winter, and awkwardly sharing the large order of guac & chips at Sombrero on West 48th Street near Times Square.

Nazarov: A Tribute to Togetherness

Nazarov is honored that his art can give back and help the 911 Day organization in fulfilling its ongoing mission of making the anniversary of 9/11 into a worldwide day of unity. The twin towers will always be an eternal symbol of the success, unity, and freedom of New York City, a city that has given Nazarov the chance to become the artist that he is today. Nazarov invites patrons to support this epic charity and receive a limited edition digital artwork celebrating the spirit of togetherness that this event is honoring.

Jason Naylor's I LOVE NYC

A colorful tribute to NYC and an expression of my love for this wonderful city

Kiera Chaplin: KIERA ❤️ NYC

The set of artworks created by Kiera Chaplin presents New York City seen from the perspective of Kiera The Hero. Kiera The Hero is the alter-ego of Kiera Chaplin - actress, model and activist, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, very strongly tied with New York City, the city which has been her home since she was a teenager. Kiera The Hero is a CryptoChaplin heroine, coming from the planet Chaplinton, to fight for the unity and the ultimate harmony in the Universe. She lands in NYC to fight yet another battle with evil. At the same time, she takes the opportunity to relax in the city and to do some photography of her favourite sights

West One Music Group

West One Music Group presents an exclusive collection of Americana scores and songs in honor of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, curated from its music catalog and paired with artwork inspired by the sounds of the country.

Official 9/11 Day x Epik Auctions

Bid on these limited-edition exclusive items from the artists contributing their work to the 9/11 Day x Epik collection. Collect these unique pieces while doing good. 100% of your purchase is a donation that supports the 9/11 National Day of Service & Remembrance (receipt provided).

Cope 2: Love Is All We Need

Celebrating the "9/11" 20th Year Anniversary New York with Graffiti Greetings x Cope2. Cope 2 Iconic bubble and tagged letters in the "LOVE" series is a great way to remember that LOVE is what brings the world together to serve each other and our communities no matter what.

Michael Rieger: Remember the Love

This portfolio of etchings is a ground level view of stories of the men and women who responded to 9/11. In creating these photo etchings, my goal is to transcend the image and pull out the emotional moment of what it was like to be at Ground Zero. To remember how we all came together to get it done.

Cinque II: Time, Frozen

Cinque II hopes to pass on the tribute in a space that resemble peace and humanity. Even though the time has stood static on the remnants, wishes and prayers grow along the years of reconciliation. This series of work attempts to preserve and transcend the brave spirits of 9/11 with motion art. The lasting grief will lead us to an eventual peace, while the courage, love, and emotions in every memorable moment propels us forward.