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The Ultimate Mobile App for Organizing, Showcasing, and Sharing Your Digital Items in Stunning 3D Space.

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Lockr is your answer to help bridge your collections of digital items and NFT items. Lockr combines all of your digital items, in-game items, and NFT items into an interconnected, social, and simple to use solution.



Home For All Your Digital Collectibles

With Lockr, you can view and access all of your gaming and Web3 items. Lockr lets you manage your items and purchases anywhere, anytime, and on the go.


Create Your Own Showcase

Create a personalized 3D showcase in your "Void" to show off your digital collectibles like never before and stand out among other collectors.


Bring Your Digital Collection to Life

With Lockr, you can easily import your digital collectibles and NFTs from Epik and other crypto wallets giving you one central place for all your digital items.


Connect with Wonderful Collectors

Lockr is more than just a platform for displaying your collection, it's also a community. Follow the activities of other users on the platform and connect with like-minded collectors. Who knows what hidden gems you might find?


Search and Find Your Prized Possession

Discover new digital treasures in the Epik marketplace across multiple chains like Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC networks. With Lockr's search capability, you can easily find the items you're looking for and add them to your collection. Discover, Buy, and Sell digital goods on a single platform.


Explore and Discover

With Lockr, you can explore other users' collections and inspect items up close in 3D. Orbit around each item to inspect every detail and learn more about the item through descriptions and videos.


Earn special NFTs called Primes as you journey through your Lockr experience.
Level up as you collect more Primes eventually unlocking highly valuable NFTs.
Special Primes and NFTs qualify you for exclusive privileges and benefits.

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