About Epik

Epik produces the world's premium digital items

In 2018, Epik started working with brands and games on a mission to produce premium digital items because we believed that digital items were the future of consumer products and would play a central role in ownership and the way we express ourselves individually. We see collections of digital items as representations of personal memories and achievements while conveying attributes like status, identity, membership, class, and performance.

Today, hundreds of brands and game companies trust Epik to produce premium digital items and experiences for over one billion gamers.

The global leader connecting brands with video games, apps, and VR/AR

Epik brings to life collaborations inside of digital platforms delivering unique experiences that everyone loves.

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In-game drops

Epik is the global leader bringing brands into video games and producing unique in-game items, events and experiences.  These short term crossover collaborations place brands inside of games for a limited time. Epik focuses on strengthening brand value, increasing engagement of fans and gamers, and delivering top notch premium content.

Launch official NFT blockchain collectibles

Epik has been a pioneer in the NFT space since 2018.  Epik works with top brands, game companies, record labels and various global leaders of industry to strategize, launch, and support their NFT digital collectible initiatives. What makes Epik different is that Epik is both an NFT technical platform and the world’s leading digital agency already producing unique in-game drops worth millions of dollars.  Epik has expertise in NFTs and can leverage it’s extensive client network to produce fresh and unique NFTs interweaving both real life and digital experiences within video games and apps.


Victor David
Gary Ma
Darren Smith
VP Product
Winston King
VP Business Development
Arthur Mastropietro
Senior Blockchain Developer
Adam Shing
Senior Blockchain Developer
Mate Mislov
Front End Developer
M.C. Ma
Head of Partnerships


Epik has been supported by advisors from some of the best companies in the world.

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EPIK Prime token is a membership token providing benefits to token holders such as exclusive access to ultra premium items, item reservations, and NFT rewards.

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