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Prior to releasing Lockr to the general public, we wanted to give you - our community - a chance to take it for a test-drive before everyone else. Just by participating in the Member Beta, you'll receive a special Prime NFT containing special rewards.

Premium licensed NFTs, in-game drops and more.

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Epik Prime Marketplace

Epik offers an NFT platform working with AAA gaming companies and giant entertainment IP and brands to create in-game NFT goods and marketplaces.

Epik Prime Marketplace

Mainstream gaming & blockchain

Epik is the first and only company to do NFT deals with top AAA gaming companies. Epik leads the world when it comes to introducing blockchain technology to mainstream gaming companies. Epik works with the biggest gaming companies in the world to produce premium digital merchandise and NFT collectibles.

The Epikverse

Epik has a radical idea that anyone -anywhere- should be able to easily access their entire collection of digital items across all of their games. The Epikverse consists of our network of games, VR spaces, and metaverses that can communicate with each other. This groundbreaking innovation unlocks digital worlds and opens up interconnectivity and shared experiences between all players of all games and metaverses - and the best part is, eventually you will never need to leave your favorite games and places because the Epikverse will be a part of everywhere you decide to play.

Equip your character with NFT digital collectibles

Enter a new era where you can do more than just look at your digital collection. With Epik, instead of simply admiring your collection, you can use your NFTs inside of your favorite games and apps!

Official NFT Digital Merchandise

Epik items are official name brand licensed NFT merchandise. Epik items are produced from collaborations between brands and digital platforms and they are specifically designed to deliver you brand new immersive experiences.

NFT Digital Collectibles Upgraded

Collect beautiful and rare digital merch and then use it in real life and inside of games! Epik items are the next evolution of NFT blockchain digital collectibles and gaming.

Limitless Possibilities

With Epik, there are endless combinations between multiple brands and games to make truly unique collector sets that have never before been possible. Get ready to collect an explosion of really cool new ideas!

Lockr App Has Arrived

With Lockr, you will be able to view and access all of your items from all of your games. Lockr lets you manage your items and purchases at home, at work, or even on the go.

Lockr is your answer to help bridge your collections of digital items and NFT items. Lockr combines all of your digital items, in-game items, and NFT items into an interconnected, social, and simple to use solution.

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EPIK Prime token is a membership token providing benefits to token holders such as exclusive access to ultra premium items, special item pricing, and unique partner benefits, all while earning even more rewards.

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Have any of your NFTs/digital merchandise items gone live?

YES! We're the very first NFT company to do groundbreaking work with the top game companies in the world. We launched our first genesis collection to millions of users in July in partnership with Asphalt 9: Legends and Avakin Life.

Were you into NFTs before this year, or is this just a convenient pivot?

We have been doing pioneering work in NFTs since 2018, years before the NFT craze started. Check out this video of our CEO Victor David at the 2018 Licensing Expo giving a talk on blockchain. We also did the first Virtual Rock Concert with Korn in 2019 well before the Pandemic made them a thing

Would I know any of your past clients?

Absolutely. Epik has already been working with industry leaders like Universal, Warner, and Tencent for years. Check out our partnership page here.

What are your plans for the near future?

We have signed deals featuring even more major collabs with celebrities, top brands, and world-class games. Stay tuned!

Do you need to drop thousands of dollars to get digital merchandise!

No, not necessarily. Because every NFT is unique, the prices vary widely. There are options for every budget on our EPIK Prime marketplace.

What’s big on the roadmap for Epik?

Non-stop ultra-unique NFT drops.  We’re also releasing, Lockr, a unique mobile experience in the near future. Plus, users will get to experience our flagship Epikverse world very soon!